Secure storage

Need somewhere to safely store your personal effects or business items?

We can arrange any safe and secure storage to suit your needs. Whether you are clearing your home to make more space, are downsizing or need extra space for your business we have the right storage facilities for you.

We are fully insured and also have CCTV and fire alarms installed for added protection.


Home storage

Our storage can be a great temporary home for your goods. It’s clean, dry and completely safe meaning you can rest assure your items are secure. If you need to access your items and you can arrange a time to suit you with our team or we will transport them to their new location.

Business storage

If you need additional space in your office or are you relocating your business? We can store some of your office furniture and equipment with our storage facilities. Get in touch with our team today.

Student storage

We can offer cost effective deals for students who need temporary or longer-term storage. Once the summer or winter terms come some students have no option but to pack up their belongings and take them home only having to bring them back again once the new terms starts. Contact us for safe and reliable storage for students.

Get a free storage quote

Drop us a line today for a free quote and to discuss all your storage needs.

The top benefits of using storage

Our storage could have lots of advantages for you

> Storage for your business – place your business equipment, office supplies, materials, excess inventory into storage to stop it taking up space. Have access to them when you need it. If you work from home or are moving the additional space could be priceless.

> Travelling for work – sometimes you may have to travel across the country for your work or move abroad. You may rent out a property and need somewhere to keep your effects. Even if its just a few items secure storage is the answer for you

> Retirement – If you have finished work and are downsizing your property or want to go travelling for a while secure storage could be perfect for you.

> Life changes – splitting up with a partner or getting divorced can always be a difficult time. You may need somewhere secure to store your belongings until you are settled again. Leaving you with one less worry.

> Hobbies – do you have any seasonal hobbies or items where you may need items only in the winter or summer? Why not keep them in secure storage so they are not taking up precious room in your home.

> Downsizing – if you are moving to a smaller home, maybe after your children have left home, you may find you have lots of furniture and belongings you would like to keep that no longer fit in your new property. That is why storage is such a great option, you can keep your personal effects in a secure, dry and safe space.

> De-clutter – we all love to have a spring clean, but do you have belongings simply taking up too much room in your home? De-clutter your home whilst keeping the items you love with secure storage.

> Sports – sports equipment can be bulky and take up a lot of space, that’s why storage good be an excellent choice for you. You can carry on playing the sport you love whilst keeping your house free of unsightly gear.

> Moving to a new house – sometimes dates don’t always line up when moving home or you may have building words that need to take place before you move in, that’s why having secure storage as an option for as long as you need can take the worry out of securing your house moving date!